About the AgentSphere Class Agent application

The program was developed to help schools better manage their class agents and other volunteer fundraisers. The application is a secure web-based solutions that can be conveniently accessed by volunteers to manage their assignments and related information. While it is a powerful tool, volunteers find the software easy to use; there are only two screens in the end-user view. It's impossible to get lost and volunteers can begin using the solution immediately with little or no training.

The program supports fundraising efforts by providing current contact information, giving history, target ask amount, informal salutation, spousal information, and more - essentially everything a volunteer needs to successfully fulfill assignments. They allow pledges and updated contact information to be recorded and conveniently trigger email back to the development office for appropriate recording in the office database. No direct alteration of the institution’s database is possible by end users (e.g., class agents). All changes to the database of record must be done through that database’s interface.

On the administrative side, the programs provide simple and effective tools for managing volunteers. Administrators are able to view the progress of their volunteers and determine which require special attention.

The results are powerful. Administrators find that the solutions allow their office to manage volunteers in a more efficient and productive manner, ultimately increasing fundraising. Volunteers appreciate having the information they need to manage their assignments presented in easy-to use software.

Solution Benefits: Bringing your fundraising efforts into FOCUS

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